Hi, I’m Aimee

But you can call Aim, it makes me feel like we’re friends who go way back!

And if we’re gonna be friends, there’s some things you should know about me. I love coffee, true crime, and pizza. I’m a nutritional therapy practitioner, registered yoga teacher, and safer skincare advocate.

I was born with a chronic illness, cystic fibrosis, and much later on in life diagnosed with yet another chronic illness, endometriosis. Along with all that I also struggled greatly with my mental health. At some point, I got sick and tired of feeling miserable all the time and decided to take things into my own hands.

I changed my diet, many lifestyle factors, and learned to shift my mindset from one of lack to one of abundance. My life was changed forever. And now it’s my mission to help you experience the same amazing changes in your own health and life!

I figured with multiple diagnoses (CF, endometriosis, depression, anxiety, and more) I was destined to a life of low energy, insomnia, digestive disaster, recurring sickness (like colds), chronic debilitating pain, and more. Eventually, I felt in my heart of hearts that something had to give, and despite what all my doctors had said, there had to be something I could do to improve how I felt. My gut told me I needed to start with my diet. Over time I made small steps in changing my diet from mostly highly processed, high sugar, foods to a nutrient dense, real food diet. I was amazed with how much better I started feeling, starting with the small changes in the beginning!

Eventually I hit a wall, but I just knew I could continue this journey of healing. Through an amazing series of events, nutritional therapy found it’s way into my life. Just when I needed it most.

Through nutritional therapy I was able to improve my health and feel better than I had in years, through continued support + sustainable changes I’ve been able to continue supporting my best health and living my best life! It’s true, there is no cure for CF, or endometriosis for that matter, but I truly believe that with a diet of nutrient dense real foods, lifestyle changes, and when needed, supplementation, we can all find our own optimal health and learn to live our best lives!

With Nutritional Therapy I’ve been able to:

  • Increase my energy

  • Improve my quality of sleep

  • Clear up my brain fog

  • Improve my digestion

  • Balance my blood sugars

  • Overcome depression

  • Lessen the severity of anxiety

  • Improve my A1C
    (blood test used to check for diabetes and CF related diabetes)

  • Greatly reduce chronic pain related to endometriosis

By becoming more proactive in my own well being I’ve been able to support my health in ways I never thought possible.


  • Feel you need a cup of coffee every morning just to function (or just to poo!)

  • Reach for something sweet, or another cup of caffeinated magic, every afternoon for a pick me up

  • Find yourself feeling tired throughout the day, even after a good night’s sleep

  • Suffer from chronic digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation, heartburn/acid reflux, bloating, gas, etc.

  • Struggle with insomnia or getting a good nights rest

  • Struggle to make time in your life for self-care

  • Want to make positive changes but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start


Ready to dive in? Learn all the ways you can work with me below!

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