Five Things Friday #1

I’ve decided to try something new around here that I’ve seen some other bloggers do. I think this will be a great way to be more consistent with my blogging and a great way to share some of my favorite things in the moment!

1. Five Feet Apart

I first posted this to my social media, but wanted to share here as well.

Last night I had the opportunity to see an early viewing of the film, Five Feet Apart.

For those unaware, this movie is hitting theaters March 14, and the main characters have CF (cystic fibrosis).  

I know there are a lot of strong opinions about this movie already in the CF community, even though it's not out yet, but here are my thoughts.

I like it overall. Love story movies aren't usually my jam, but as far as that, this was pretty good.  

It's by far the most accurate portrayal of CF in Hollywood that I've ever seen and I think this is a huge awareness opportunity for CF.

Of course it's not 100% accurate, it's a movie, not a documentary. And of course, they took some liberties, but again, it's Hollywood. It would be impossible to convey the experience of 70,000 people (number of peeps worldwide with CF) in a two hour film, because we all have different and unique experiences, but so much of this was relatable.

There were a lot of things that hit really close to home for me. And more than anything it really made my miss my best friend Heather who also had CF.

It wasn't an easy movie for me to watch, but I'm glad I did. There were lots of tears (from nearly everyone in the theater) but there were also some laughs.

It had me reflecting on CF camp, hospital stays as a kid, and all the amazing friendships I have with people today with CF. It also had me thinking about all the hard but real things that come with CF, being sick, hospital admissions, possibilities of lung transplant, death. This movie covered it a lot of it.

I'm also glad I got to bring some of my family with me, L, my mom, my cousins, mom-in-law and sister-in-law. I know it wasn't easy for them to watch either, but I'm glad they were with me.

So do I recommend you go see it, yeah I do. If you have CF or are a part of the CF community, I hope you keep an open mind. I also recommend you try to prepare yourself as best as possible for feeling all the things, good and bad.

And if you don't have CF, I hope you gain some insight into what it's like living with this awful disease your whole life. It doesn't go away. It doesn't get better as you get older, it gets worse. It doesn't get easier, it gets harder. You don't get used to it. You don't get to take a break from it. You fight every day of your life.


2. Beyond the Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten

This book needs to be read by all women! Whether you’re on birth control and want to come off it,  on it and want to stay on it, or have been off it for many years, the tools and info you need to restore and transform your health are all in this book.

The truth is that so many of us are misinformed about hormonal birth control, or under-informed and it doesn’t help anyone to stay in the dark. This book isn’t anti-birth control and neither is Dr. Jolene Brighten, but it’s full of all the information we should have been told from the get go so we can make an informed choice, and know how to support our bodies and health either way.

You can get the book here.  (Amazon affiliate link)
I also recommend this podcast with Christina Rice and Dr. Jolene Brighten.


3. 2019 Impact  Grant Champions

On March 1st I started a new workout program with Pulmonary Performance. This program is specifically for individuals with CF and is led by Taylor Lewis, a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 10 years and Cystic Fibrosis Exercise Specialist for 5 years.

This program is free thanks to an Impact  Grant from the CF Foundation, you just have to 18 years or  older. Taylor mentioned they are opening a second round this summer, so be sure to check out the website here or follow them on Instagram here.

I’m really excited to see how this impacts my  lung function and hoping to build back the strength I’ve lost after so  many struggles with CF related arthritis. I’m already impressed with the different breathing exercises, which are different from breathing exercises I’m used to. It’s also a program that you can make work for you where you’re at right now!

4. Red Lipstick

I’m not really one to wear lipstick often, but there’s just something about a red lip that makes me feel ready to take on the world! Ya feel me?

red lipstick

5. 8 Limbs of Yoga Cards

These 8 Limbs of Yoga card from Om Matters are not only beautiful, they’ve been a great tool to help me reconnect with my yoga practice, on and off the mat.

I’ve been pulling a card a day, or most days, to help set an intention and focus.

About three years ago I started my 200 hr yoga teacher training, after practicing for a round 7-8 years. Sure, I  grew in my physical practice, and learned how to safely share yoga with others, but I connected to my own practice  at a much deeper level.

The past year my relationship with yoga has struggled. Debilitating joint pain was one of the main factors that initiated this struggle, but I told myself that if I couldn’t practice the physical part (asana) of yoga, then what was the point. So I continued to make excuses and let it slip away.

As I’ve been stepping back into my yoga practice, in all ways, it’s been pretty uncomfortable to be honest. My body is different, my lungs work differently (because of a new medication Symdeko), my body moves differently (arthritis), even my thoughts are different.

This is life. This is yoga. Things change. We changes. But through it all yoga has been there for me for the past 10 years and I’m thankful to have this new tool to reconnect.

8 limbs of yoga cards

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