What Working With Me Looks Like!

Still having those ‘pinch me, is this real life moments’. Just truly feeling so grateful that I get to do what I love and am most passionate about for my work. I’m truly excited to help you get you where you want to be!

So what does working with nutritional therapist, or rather me in particular, look like? Well it depends as you have a few different options!



If you decide to join my current 21 Day Sugar Detox group we’ll set up a time to chat for about 30 minutes, once you’ve made your payment, so I can get to know you better, answer your questions, hear your goals, and learn how I can best support you through this process!

Our first group call (via video chat) will happen the day before prep week kicks off! We’ll do some quick intros of everyone in the group who is able to make the call live, after all you guys are going to be supporting one another over the next few weeks.

Then we’ll talk about:
-The impact of sugar on your body
-What to expect
-How to determine your level
-The yes/no foods list & official guidelines
-How to build your 21DSD plate
-How to best set yourself up for success
-Q & A

The second live call will take place after the first week. You’ll check in with how you’re feeling after week one, where you struggled and what helped you out.

We will also discuss:
-Is it a “Yes” food?
-Lifestyle factors 
-Practical Tips for Eating on the 21DSD
-Dining Out Tips 
-What to expect
-Participant/Coach Q&A

The third call will take place after week three as we head into post-detox week!

We’ll discuss:
-Review After the Detox
-Reintroducing Foods 
-Discuss mindset
-Participant/Coach Q&A and success stories 

In between calls you’ll have access to me for support and questions via email and the private FB group, just for the participants in the 21DSD group with you.

I’ll share tips, motivation, and recipes in the FB group and you can use this group as a place to ask questions, support one another, share your tips and favorite recipes, and share your success.

The 21DSD is not a FAD DIET! It’s a healthy, whole food-based 21-day program that has a track record of: 

-Reducing insulin needs for diabetics
-Improving skin 
-Improving digestion
-Improving sleep
-Reducing (and even eliminating!) joint and back pain
-Lowering high blood pressure
-Lifting brain fog
-Improving moods
-Improving body composition
-And so much more! 


The biggest differences in the one and month options, is the time we spend working together. Other than that the process is the same.

First, you’ll fill out an application which you can find here. This lets me get to know you a bit better before we hop on our fist call.

Next we’ll set up a time to chat via video call or phone. I’ll answer your questions, we’ll discuss you’re goals and concerns and decided if we are good fit to work tighter. If so, we’ll decide which option is best for you at this time.

From there, you’ll make your payment (payment options available upon request) and you’ll fill out some intake paperwork and complete an online nutritional assessment. These forms help me get to know you, and you’re individual needs, even better. This is where the magic begins to happen!

Once you send the intake paperwork back, I’ll work to put together your first personalized protocol, tailored specifically to you and your unique needs. This may include nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations and more.

Then we set up our first appointment via a video call. We’ll review your protocol and set up actionable step that will help you reach your goals.

From there, we will meet every two weeks to check in on your progress and troubleshoot any areas that need it. You’ll submit a few updated forms and you’ll also receive an updated protocol at each appointment.

Between sessions you’ll have access to me via email support. We will work TOGETHER to get you feeling your best so you can live your best life! I’m here to meet you where you’re at and help you get where you want to be.


This option is great for those who know/want to make some changes in their lives to better support their health, but may not be ready to take the deep dive or make the commitment (financially, mentally, emotionally, time wise, etc).

You’ll complete the intake paperwork, send it in, and I’ll use all that info to create an individualized protocol tailored to your unique needs and goals along with a three day sample meal guide for inspiration. Once you get the protocol you’ll have my support via email for two weeks, but ultimately it’s up to you take the initiative and put the plan into action.

If you find you need more support or guidance or want to dig deeper to get to the root cause of what you may be going through, you’ll be eligible for a discount on the one and three month nutritional therapy options.

As you can see you have a few different options to work with me, a little something for everyone. What ever you choose, I can’t wait to start working with you to help you get to where you want to be!

Have questions? Feel free to email me: aimee@thenourishedbreath.com